Poly Crack

Put the polygons together! It's relaxing, it's satisfying, and it's addicting!

- Complete the polygon by placing the missing piece

- Endless number of levels!

- Compete against your friends

- Beautifully executed musical tones

- Exciting and simple arcade game

  • Android
  • iOS
Color Glide

Solve peaceful puzzles by creating new colors and avoiding obstacles

◉ Glide colorful tiles across the screen to create beautiful new colors

◉ Solve simplistic puzzles

◉ Challenge your brain to beat par

◉ Enjoy the beautiful and atmospheric environment

◉ Simple and unique, unlike anything seen before

Sit back, and it's time for you to relax and enjoy a nice puzzle game unlike anything you've ever seen before. All you have to do is glide the beautifully colored tiles into the same colored holes.

Press Kit

  • Android
  • iOS
Dodgy Dragon

Prepare yourself for the latest dragon dodging adventure, Dodgy Dragon! Challenge yourself to become the best dragon pilot and travel through the awesome world to annihilate all of the epic bosses. Are YOU ready to prove your skills in the world of Dodgy Dragon?!

- Battle unique bosses of EPIC proportions!

- Multiple fresh and exciting zones that get harder as you go!

- Choose from tons of different fun skins for to customize your character!

- Challenge your friends to see who can get the highest score!

- Enjoy the vast landscapes and all of the voxel characters that Dodgy Dragon has to offer!

Dodgy Dragon is a crazy action packed adventure where you skillfully navigate your way through each zone to find and defeat the three EPIC bosses! While traveling across the beautiful voxel terrain you will find yourself coming back time and time again to master the dragon!

  • Android
  • iOS
Matter Meltdown

Are you ready to fuse and discover POWERFUL elements to break your way through each matter filled level?

HOW TO PLAY (it's simple!)

> Explore space with Carlos the alien finding fun matter-packed levels along the way!

> Mix different types of Matter to get a new exciting elements!

> Match the various globs of matter that you formed to their matching element tiles!

> Collect Matter from breaking epic combos!

FEATURES (unique and innovative!)

✔ Craft tons of AWESOME elements!
✔ Travel all over the galaxy exploring unique star systems!
✔ Tiles REACT with each other, use it to your advantage!
✔ Customize your character with new skins, UFOs, flags, and more
✔ Space themed music and SFX
✔ Online highscores to compete against your friends
✔ Cloud saving support

Carlos the alien just crash landed into an unknown galaxy and he needs YOUR help exploring and collecting enough Matter to power his ship home.

The game is NOT a dumb remake or a re-skinned Flappy Bird, it's an FUN fast-paced, tile-breaking, space adventure.
Put on those safety goggles, and get ready to mix tons of CRAZY chemicals!

  • Android
  • iOS